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Why you should play your good hands aggressively

Limping with a small pair in 6 max can prove profitable.  Hitting a full house on the flop is something of a dream.  But there is usually a good reason to play your good hands aggressively since there are few hands that can't be beaten when there are more cards to come.   What should the hero have done on the flop?  Should he have called the raise on the turn card?  How would you have played the hand?

How would you get max value from your full house?

Sometimes when you play small pairs you get the flop of dreams. But who would call your bets and how do you get maximum value?

Should you fold pocket 5s on this turn card?

You've raised with pocket 5s and met 2 callers. 2 overcards hit the flop. The board pairs on the turn and the villain bets. What would you do?

Playing pocket 2s in position

6max fast holdem 15c/30c. Your early position raise gets 2 callers and an Ace hits the flop. What are you going to do?

How do you play pocket 6s out of position?

After 51 hands the villain has stats of VP 10 and PF 8.  A real nit? His AF on the flop is 0. Wts 67% and WSD 50%.  You call his preflop raise with your pair of 6s but find yourself out of position. How do you play this hand?

Should you bet the flop with your pocket queens?

Raising pre-flop with pocket queens is a given. When the limper calls your raise what do you know about his range? should you bet the flop when a king hits the flop? how would you play this hand