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Playing suited aces

Playing suited aces is always something that I have trouble thinking through. If I am in early position and playing suited aces would leave me out of position I usually fold them preflop unless AJs+.  Depending on who is at the table occasionally I have found that limping and then calling a raise has proven to be profitable but it certainly isn't a preferred play. Whenever I am with suited aces the flop isn't going to come good and I know that I am going to have to bluff with a continuation bet, but since the flop usually doesn't help my opponent I don't mind the continuation bet bluff.  I get in more trouble when an ace hits the flop because I need to decide if I am betting out or whether I am check calling or even check folding dependent on the opponent. Of course when playing suited aces leaves me in position I am a little happier since I can call, raise or take a free card when it is available to me. What I haven't yet done is pulled my stats from PokerTr

Flopping a flush against an aggressive player

When I first started playing poker online I couldn't understand what a HuD was or why I might ever want one. Over time I was persuaded and invested in PokerTracker and now find that it can help me follow a game.  Added to this of course is that the statistics are there staring me in the face if I try and convince myself that I am winning if I'm not really winning at all. This hand was a great example of why a HuD is valuable in online poker. I'd been sat at the table only a very short amount of time and this villain seemed to be super aggressive.  He'd been 3 betting a lot and defended his blinds endlessly.  I started taking a bit of interest. Over 50 hands in this session he had 3 bet 20% of them (I know that 50 hands is nothing) but my notes told me that he had 3 bet with T8s, 32s and had called with 98s all from the blinds.  He also relentlessly made a continuation bet following his 3 bet. So in an unraised pot on the button and holding T7s I wanted to see how