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Another small pair with a draw out of position

The villain is tight. Nearing 50 hands he has VP 16% and PF 13% of hands. The second villian who calls the early raise has VP 26% and we haven't yet seen him 3 bet a hand. It only costs another 2 big blinds to see the flop and the hero closes the pre-flop action. When the flop comes with an ace the hero must be a big under dog against this range. Did he play this hand right?

Defending the small blinding with a pair of 5s

Sometimes you feel its worth defending your small blind, sometimes you don't. 3 betting with a pair of 5s when the big blind is still in the game can be a risk. But sometimes the flop is good to you. Of course sometimes you might think you could have made a bit more money.

What hands would raise an under the gun raiser in microstakes?

What sort of hand raises an under the gun raise in online microstakes poker?  How far will they push their hand?  How would you play this one?