About 100PokerHands

I created 100PokerPages to try and put my thoughts together as I learnt to play poker.  At the time I thought this game couldn't be that hard but I've since realised how wrong was.

I have been playing for about 3 years after getting James McManus's book 'Cowboys Full' out of the library. I always play no-limit Holdem, , almost always cash games, always online and, so far, always microstakes.
I would love to say that I have been crushing the microstakes but the truth is that at this moment in time I am just about break even. I have had some good runs but also my fair share of tilt. The best result in a tournament has been 1st place in a 2000 player multi-tournament that gave me a shot at a $220 dollar tournament (that I blew with a move so stupid I've blocked it out of my mind).

I have very much played and tried to learn alone but have recently realised the importance of sharing hands and discussing points on forums so I regularly visit the www.twoplustwo.com forums.  The discussion points have made me think a lot and I am hoping that I slowly get better.

It is good for me to look back at some of the earlier posts on this blog.  I have definitely been developing as a player since I started the blog but they are a good history of my development and so I am keeping them unamended.

My aim is to truly develop in to the game so that I continue to enjoy the intellectual challenge, win the money to clear the mortgage (it isn't that big!) and make this a blog worth visiting!


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