Feeling the bad beat

It is of course part and parcel of the game.  Having a strong hand, or maybe even the nuts on that street, and someone coming along and hitting the one card that they need to make the hand that beats you.

What do you do?  Swear and curse? Vow to get your vengenace?  Shrug it off like you know you should. Make a note and hope you play them in lots more hands yet.

Of course I know that there have been times when I have had no right to be in the hand, or been too aggressive, and Lady Luck has shone on me and somebody else has the bad beat.

Welll yesterday in one of my microstakes hands I felt the bad beat good and proper.  Here's the details.

I'm fully stacked on  table full of unknowns and I find myself with AQ spades.  UTG bets 3bb and I make it a 3 bet.  The big blind calls and the player UTG folds.

 The flop comes 5, 10, 2 all spades.  I've got the nut flush in position.  Just need to make sure I make some money.

What does the big blind do?  He shoves.  I snap call and wait to see that he presumably holds a set.  Alas no, he turns over KTo.  Yes, he called a 3bet with offsuit King-Ten, and then shoves with top pair and a king kicker.

PokerTracker tells me I am 98% to win.  The turn brings another 10. I am 94%. And then the river. A 5 hits.  My nut flush is beaten by a full house and the villain takes the pot.

So what do I do. Well, actually, I laughed like hell and made a prayer that this player would be sat at my table much more often.


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