Playing suited aces

Playing suited aces is always something that I have trouble thinking through. If I am in early position and playing suited aces would leave me out of position I usually fold them preflop unless AJs+.  Depending on who is at the table occasionally I have found that limping and then calling a raise has proven to be profitable but it certainly isn't a preferred play.
Whenever I am with suited aces the flop isn't going to come good and I know that I am going to have to bluff with a continuation bet, but since the flop usually doesn't help my opponent I don't mind the continuation bet bluff.  I get in more trouble when an ace hits the flop because I need to decide if I am betting out or whether I am check calling or even check folding dependent on the opponent.
Of course when playing suited aces leaves me in position I am a little happier since I can call, raise or take a free card when it is available to me.
What I haven't yet done is pulled my stats from PokerTracker to see how profitable (or not) my suited aces have been in each position.
Meanwhile here is one of my suited ace hands for you to comment on.


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