Playing suited connectors out of position

Perceived wisdom certainly suggests that playing suited connectors should be reserved for late positions, ideally against multiple opponents. Certainly limping with 67s from mid position in 6 max is probably not the best idea. And when you get raised you should probably fold and cut your losses.

In this hand there is certainly one player who is going to play every hand (he has put in to 97% of hands and not yet folded to a 3bet. Villain 4 has only 3 bet 11% of all hands. The equity calculations say that the raiser probablt has about 50% equity with our 67s on about 24% equity and the loosest, most passive player around with about 26% equity.

Having played the loose player we know that he will make very small bets with nothing, probably call any bet with an ace in his hand, but any real big bet from him tells us that he has a big hand. If we call we need to hit the flop and then our implied odds will work for us. We've also been tight at the table, playing around 14% of hands from this position and we've only called 2 3 bets so far.

The flop gives us top two pair but also brings flush and straight draws. We can assume our 3 betting villain has a high pair, or high broadway cards. Our passive villain could have anything (and will probably still call our bets).

Our equity calculator now tells us that we should have about 64% equity so we should get some money in the pot. Which we do with a donk bet guarding against giving any drawing hands a free card. The turn card gives us a full house and the nuts on the board. Who will call our bets now. Let's wait and see....


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